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contemporary acrobatic dance
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contemporary aerial dance
FREE Aerial and Acrobatic Dance Classes
for Professional Dancers
offered with the Training Society of Vancouver and CircusWest

For more information on our upcoming classes, please contact us at

Past Session: April 11 - June 29, 2023


Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 10am-12 noon


CircusWest, 2901 E Hastings St, Vancouver

Classes are FREE and available for drop-in. Please note that class repertoire will progress over the 12-week period.

Classes are intended for professional dancers seeking to further their professional development. 

We are able to provide additional access support in the form of honoraria to Indigenous artists, Black artists, and artists of colour. Please see below for more information.

Tuesday Aerial Dance and Conditioning with Gabrielle 
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Using aerial rope and fabric, these classes will focus on developing a strong foundation for aerial work and build towards creative ascending and descending vocabulary, aerial coordination, balances, spiral sequences, and how to harness momentum. Each class will start with a warm-up to engage the core and shoulders, and mobilize the entire body. They will include aerial conditioning for core and upper body strength, and finish with flexibility training.

Gabrielle's teaching practice is informed by her full STOTT Pilates, ACE Personal Training, and YogaTrapeze instructor certifications. She has taught Aerial Choreography with EN PISTE, Canada's National Circus Arts Alliance, as well as aerial technique workshops at festivals and studios in Canada, USA, and Europe.

Thursday Floor-based Acrobatic Dance with Jeremiah 
Jeremiah Hughes Acro Dance.jpeg

Participants will work progressively on skills such as fly-overs, macacos, 540s, butterflies, walkovers, b-twists, 1990s, back and front handsprings, and more. Classes start with a warm-up for coordination and mobility, build towards dynamic sequences, and finish with core and upper body conditioning.

Jeremiah has developed his teaching practice as dance captain with Cirque du Soleil, as an acrobatic coach at CircusWest, and guest dance instructor at various studios, including, most recently, Lamondance.

Jeremiah Hughes Photo Richie Lubaton copy.jpg

All classes are intended to develop the physical capacity of professional dancers, increasing their range for creative expression and sense of empowerment. We believe in a positive, encouraging learning environment that challenges everyone to surpass themselves!

Access info

Please inform us of your access needs, which can include caregiving costs such as childcare, in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate those we can with the resources available to us. 


Insurance info

Corporeal Imago covers each participant’s annual CircusWest insurance fee. If you are a first-time participant, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out your insurance form before participating. 


Other info

For the Tuesday classes, it is ideal to wear form fitting clothing with underarm and behind-the-knee coverage for ease and security in the air. Leggings are ideal - pants that are baggy behind the knee make it harder to climb! However, we invite you to wear what makes you comfortable.

IBPOC Artist Application

We are able to provide additional access support to Indigenous artists, Black artists, and artists of colour (IBPOC artists). Selected IBPOC artists will receive an honorarium of $50 per class to attend.

IBPOC artists are invited to apply by submitting a 300-word maximum letter of interest or a three-minute maximum video outlining: 

  • Why you are interested in participating

  • How you think the training could further your creative practice and/or professional development

  • Your availability to attend classes between April 25th and June 29th

Selection will be based on the above, with priority given to those able to attend more classes.

Please email your application to with “Application” in the subject line.

Deadline: April 18th. Successful applicants will be notified by April 21st. 

**All artists are welcome to attend classes starting April 11th, however, honoraria for selected artists will not commence until April 25th.

We recognize that dance artists may belong to different communities that deserve equity due to attitudinal, historic, social and environmental barriers based on age, ethnicity, disability, economic status, gender, nationality, race, language, sexual orientation, and/or transgender status.

At this time, we are grateful to be able to offer additional support to IBPOC artists, but we acknowledge the limitations of this support in addressing the diversity of barriers artists may face.

This project is made possible thanks to

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